Reconstruction of heat-power equipment

“Kotloenergoproject” distributes both complex and individual technical and technological solutions. The company offers both new power facilities and reconstruction and adjustment of existing power equipment.

The company performs reconstruction of industrial boilers, burner devices and auxiliary equipment in order to improve resource-use efficiency, technical and economic indicators as well as environmental stewardship.

  • Reconstruction of BGM (Belgorod Gas-and-oil-fired boiler), BKZ (Barnaul Boiler Plant), KE (natural circulation boiler), DKVR (Two Drum Water Tube Reconstructed Boiler), PTVM (Peak Water Heating Boiler on fuel oil), TP (Taganrog coal-dust), PK, TGM (Taganrog gas-and-oil-fired boiler);
  • Conversion of industrial steam boilers to water heating regime;
  • Reconstruction of flexible fuel boilers;
  • Reconstruction of boilers to work with high sulfur content fuel;
  • Reconstruction of boilers to burn agricultural waste (biomass boilers for sunflower and buckwheat husk) as well as wood fired boilers to burn wood wastes of wood-processing industry (sawdust, bark, chops).


Reconstruction of heat-power equipment ensures:

  • 30-50% increase of power units capacity with simultaneous improvement of efficiency factor;
  • reduction of environmental impact; 30-60% reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions into atmosphere;
  • substitution of gas in the fuel inventory of the enterprise by cheaper types of fuel; possibility to use alternative fuel (agricultural and industrial wastes) as an energy carrier;
  • increase of mean time before failure; reduction of overhaul needs and increase of unit’s fail-free operation.