Industrial steam boilers

Kotloenergoproject is a Ukraine based lead manufacturer of a complete line of industrial steam boilers and supplemental equipment since 2001. With a wide range of products, you can get steam boilers from 2 t/h to 120 t/h, heating boilers with capacities as high as 20 MW, and hot water boilers that are up to 40 MW.

We produce a robust series of industrial steam boilers including vertical steam boilers, sloping and chain grate boilers, as well as hybrid boilers.

With successful steam boilers installations worldwide, the company is recognized for top-notch equipment and a modern technology, safe for the environment and completely automated.

Depending on your requirements for steam production we make customized solutions available for you, which guarantee increased reliability, enhanced savings, and more safety.

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A standard package of our industrial steam boilers includes:

  1. An industrial steam boiler comprised of
    1. Boiler screens
    1.2. Superheater
    1.3. Economizer
    1.4. Drum
    1.5. Steam separators
    1.6. Steam cooler
    1.7. Steam outlet
    1.8. Pipes connecting boiler’s components working under pressure
    1.9. Cleaning appliances for heating surface
    1.10. Hopper for ashes collection from the heating surfaces
    1.11. Steel sheeting, manholes, accessories
    1.12. Supporting frame
    1.13. Platforms and staircases
    1.14. Sloping and chain grate
    1.15. Boiler fitting
  2. Screw and rotating feeder
  3. Pumps
  4. Smoke soccer and fans
  5. Fireproof furring
  6. Control and visualization panel, СMI, ICS

Industrial Steam Boiler

Our boilers can combust the following types of solid fuel:

Effective Functioning of Industrial Steam Boilers

What are industrial steam boilers?

The use of steam boilers in industries and business setups is a norm. It works by producing and subsequently gathering steam, which is then released as a form of heat energy. A good number of the industrial steam boilers that are currently being used in today’s market can be categorized as high-pressure boilers. The name is derived from its function of building up steam within a tightly closed container or space, the pressure increases and upon saturation, the generated energy is dissipated.

The industrial steam boilers are ideally made from steel, tough enough to handle extreme pressure and heat generated by the setup.

How to choose an industrial steam boiler?

Industrial steam boilers are renowned for their power and flexibility; these features make them the perfect answer for commercial setups and factories. They have varied options of fuel, such as solid fuel and biomass, etc. that can be used to provide heat for the water which changes to steam during the procedure. This availability of alternatives means as a business owner, you can figure out which is more economical or safe for the environment. This would be based on your budget, legal permits, and regulations, as well as your priorities.

Safety is a major factor when deciding which form of industrial-grade equipment will be used for the purpose of your business, especially with your employees in mind. Most industrial steam boilers that are produced in this modern day have features such as key safety valves and certain functions. These are meant to keep your personnel safe in the event of an emergency or system malfunction.

Prior to committing resources for the acquisition of an industrial steam boiler, some crucial criteria should be accessed to be sure this potential boiler would be an ideal fit for your facility.

These include:

  • Gross output rating
  • Steam MBH
  • Steam per ft2/m2

They are crucial for consideration when observing a boiler’s power as well as its output. To determine whether or not a steam boiler is up to par, take a look at its thermal and combustion efficiency. This would help eliminate potential ineffectiveness.

Call us +38(057) 758-62-08 or email at  to discuss your options for industrial boiler manufacturing and set up.