CJSC “Olvia Beta”

Re-engineering of the boiler house to install the industrial steam boiler with the steam production capacity of 15 t/h.

CJSC “Olvia Beta”, Ordzhonikidze town, Dnepropetrovsk region. Commissioned in 2002.

The re-engineering was performed in order to supply heat to the new production facility of the plant.

Re-engineering of the boiler house envisaged installation of the steam boiler (with auxiliary equipment) with steam production capacity of 15 t/h; installation of metal 30-meter high chimney; re-engineering of existing water preparation, de-aeration and network assemblies and the boiler house’s gas supply system.

The boiler uses natural gas as fuel. The boiler’s efficiency is 93.8%.

The work on design, supply, assembly and set up of the boiler (with auxiliary equipment) was performed by Kotloenergoproject.

Installation and construction as well as pre-commissioning operations have been performed on a tight schedule without compromising the plant’s heat supply.