Boiler house in Novoyavorivsk town

Deployment of TPP working project for 26 MWt based on existing boiler house in Novoyavorivsk town, Lvov region.

Building, assembly and adjustment of TPP boilers (2004-2005).

The working project stipulates installation of two steam turbine generators (4 MWt and 6 MWt) in a designed apparatus room and one gas turbine generator (16 MWt).

Two steam boilers Е-45-2,4/380 (built by “Kotloenergoproject”) with steam generation capacity of 45 t/hour have been installed in the existing boiler house instead of dismantled boilers DKVR-10-13.

Е-45-2,4/380 boilers can work under waste-heat recovery regime (from gases coming from gas turbine generator) and autonomously (on natural gas).

Today, the annual production of electric energy by TPP is 160,000 MWt-hour.