Kharkov boiler building company “Kotloenergoproject”

“Kotloenergoproject” is known in the market of commercial and utility power of Ukraine and CIS countries as a company with 17-year experience of designing, commissioning of heat-power and fuel-consuming equipment. The company is renowned for fulfilling its obligations and deploying projects at the highest technological level:

  • R&D work on fuel-consuming and heat-power main and auxiliary equipment;
  • design and adoption of automation systems for heat-power and technological processes;
  • adoption of environmentally friendly technologies for power equipment of any field;
  • development and deployment of energy-saving procedures and technologies;
  • building and supply of industrial boilers and heating hardware, including industrial biomass boilers;
  • comprehensive testing of heat-power equipment as well as other types of equipment within the framework of the company’s field of operation;
  • acting as general contractor for R&D, procurement, production and assembly, commissioning, testing and adjustment, environmental and technical as well as certification works for heat-power and fuel-consuming equipment